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Wireless charger

Nothing stands in your way.

Innovation inside. Place your smartphone inside the box to recharge. 

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Digital Cockpit

Why not make it simple?

All driving information displayed right in front of you on a high-resolution digital screen. 

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CUPRA Drive Profile

Your CUPRA. Your choice.

Four drive modes: from smooth Comfort mode to supercharged CUPRA mode. 

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Full Link Technology

Top performance. Inside and out.

Connect two smartphones at once to the Navi System Plus.


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Rear View Camera

Extra eyes.

Cameras in the rear connected to the navigation screen to help reduce blind spots. 

Sport HMI Display.

Three dials displaying oil temperature, turbo pressure and G-Force.


Direct-Shift Gearbox.

The fastest way to change gears, more power and better control.


It’s time to get in and go.

Up to 300 HP engine with 4Drive.